I am constantly trying to find ways to

I am constantly trying to find ways to create energy in myself. I feel zapped almost right from the moment I wake up. I realize that a lot of it from stress, but some of it is from not eating properly. I have become a convenience eater and most convenient for me is the food court by school, not the best way to eat or to save money. I’m going to try to eat home made meals more. Only problem, I’m never home. So Hopefully my new post-school schedule will be easier on me.

prepping for pride with glitter!

I arrived at the home of the drag queens, not knowing at all what the shoot was gonna look like. When i I was asked to make a video for pride, i couldn’t imagine what exactly the experience would entail. I can’t give away many details about the what the video is about, but i want to share some tidbits about it by saying i had no idea what goes into costume preparation for drag queens. It seems like the equivalent of a Cirque Du Soleil  production. I need to find music to go with the clips I am putting together. The choices are endless and varied, so it will be no easy task but it will be fun. I hope to the finished product eventually, for those who won’t be at the Winnipeg Pride Festival this year.