The Path (2014) A short film about young Aboriginal man just out of jail who must choose between a dark path that is calling him and a new path he knows little about, a choice that could decide his whole future.

The Path

Religion is a Teacher (2015) A short film collaboration with poet Bowen Smyth about the intergenerational effects of residential school passed on by a father to his daughter through the religion of cleanliness. The integrated film and performance was presented live at Cinemateque for Winnipeg Film Group’s F-Words and screened at Gimli Film Festival.

Religion is a Teacher

The Edit

Cuddle Me (2015) A professional cuddler meets several wacky clients. Hilarity ensues. A short film created for Winnipeg Film Group’s 48-hour Film Festival. Screened at the Gimli Film Festival


Break It and Heal (2015) He broke her heart, she broke his shit. Catharsis never felt so good.A short music video style film created for ‘Demolition’, the Girls!Girls!Girls! Cabaret in Winnipeg.

BREAK IT & HEAL short film

Dark Shadows (2016) Three powerful historical figures slowly go mad, plot the dark demise of each other and meet in hell in this soon-to-be released music video for the Winnipeg occult-rock band Madeira.

Dark Shadows music video

Dark Shadows final

Manitoba Sharks (2016) A soon-to-be released documentary funded by MTS Stories From Home, which tells the stories of two pool players and how they made it from small town boys to the best pool players in North America

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Amanda has also presented her work at Winnipeg Folk Festival and the Winnipeg Pride Festival.